Tie Dye Care


A method of producing textile patterns by tying parts of the fabric to shield it from the dye. 


The Japanese manual resist dying technique which produces patterns on fabric. 


I use fiber reactive procion dyes. These dyes are best on cotton, linen, rayon, hemp and other plant based fibers. The dyes are safe for clothing, infants & children, as well as people with sensitivities to harsh chemicals. 

Each piece is cured for a minimum of 24 hours after dye is applied to guarantee rich vibrant colors that do not fade. 

I have an extensive rinsing process to ensure all excess dye is completely removed. Each garment is soaked in hot, even boiling water and is then twice machine washed on hot. 

Although I do my best to make sure these items do not bleed, I ask the following of you; please wash your Ludasigns' garment with darks in cold water and tumble dry on your desired temperature. Do not allow wet tie dye to sit folded on itself or on items that can stain.